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Joan McGowan-MichaelWelcome to my website and thank you for the opportunity to show you my knitwear designs!

This site is dedicated to the concept that large is just as lovely as little, and there are many styles here that show off your shape while remaining comfortable and flattering.

Having personally become deliciously curvy since my son was born, I can relate to the challenges involved in fitting a body that is very different from the fashion industry norm. I have also faced the challenges that come with hiding the sins while showing off the "good stuff."

Happily, I have found that it CAN be done and you can do it too!.

There has been such a great response to these styles from all shapes and sizes of knitters that I have expanded the size range to include Misses as well as Plus. Check each pattern for it's expanded size range.

I also believe that the knitted items that we work so hard to complete need to become integrated into our wardrobes. To aid in this I'm offering a couple of free basic patterns in amongst my "for sale" styles:

-The Shapely Tank top with short row shaping for fitting womanly curves.
-Sleeves for converting the tank top into a tee-shirt.

Please enjoy these free gifts as my "thank you" to you for shopping my

My goal is to give the knitter (no matter what her size) styles that will fit and flatter her and that she will love and look beautiful in. They should not be just an occasional item to reach for, but wardrobe workhorses.

Step into my studio now, and let the fun begin!

Joan McGowan-Michael

What knitters are saying about our styles:

"Oh my goodness, you do continue to enthrall us with your wonderful designs!!!  When I received this newsletter I almost started drooling (silly, eh?) because all of the patterns look absolutely delectable and I'm probably going to buy all of them.  Meanwhile, I simply had to write to thank you and to tell you how much I love what you do!"- Joni B

"Your patterns are presented beautifully, are well written and the completed garments look great on me. I couldn't ask for more. Win, win, win! " - Connie W

"I had almost given up knitting altogether due to several bad choices I'd made in selecting patterns, but finding your patterns gave me renewed enthusiasm for making my own sweaters. I've successfully completed two styles already and I am thrilled!"- Jan M

"I am a plus size knitter. I've made three of your designs and learned something new with every one. They all look great on me, which is saying something. You've found some kind of secret formula that makes us bigger girls look really good. Thank you so much for your beautiful and thoughtful designs. I especially love my Colette Jacket."-Bonny C.

"I found your website by Googling. I had in my mind what I was looking for which was kinda funky, retro, vintage but still very classy. None of the websites I looked at previously had anything like that but when I found yours it was like you sucked the things I'd imagined right out of my brain!  Your designs are so right for me that they will inspire me to upgrade my skills which is a good thing. Thank you so much and keep designing beautiful things!" - Amy G.

"I just wanted to tell you how stunning your designs are.  Kudos on
such unique and beautiful designs.  I don't knit, but your patterns
make me wish I could.  It's just one of those things.  I can crochet,
but not knit, rather like someone else might be able to play clarinet
but not oboe.  (one reed vs. two reeds!)" - Sharon B.


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